Pre-Opening of the memorial site, September 2012

On 8. September 2012 the memorial space Josephstraße 7 was opened  to the public for now. The days before saw the assembly of the first panels and the cleanup of the whole property.

A flyer for the opening can be found here.

The memorial space allows an individual access to historical continuities, family biographies and a personal approach. Four possible perspective were opened by the speakers:

  1. urban district perspective: jewish life in the district in the time of the National Socialism. A guided tour around the crossroads Josephstreet/Schadowstreet; Britt Schlehahn, cultural scientist
  2. journalist perspective: documentation of the initiative for the memorial space, from their first appearance till now; Thyra Veyder-Malberg, journalist
  3. historian perspective: lecture about the so called ‘Polenaktion’ on Oktober the 28th 1938, the beginning of the november pogromes; Steffen Held, Historian
  4. literary perspective: fictitious diaryentries of a boy living opposite from the year 1938, Gecko Neumcke, author, read by members of the initiative


The podcasts can be heard here (only in german):



Some pictures of the opening: