‘Stolperstein’ for Ida Lotrowsky, November 2012

On November the 5th the artist Gunter Demnig put a so called ‘Stolperstein’ (stumbling block) for Ida Jetty Lotrowsky into the historical drive in the pavement. The so called stumbling blocks remember on people deported in the time of the National Socialism and are put in front of houses where those who were deported lived last. (see more here)


Ida Jetty Lotrowsky, (nee Jakubowitsch) was born on 13th of march 1890 in Łódź/ Kingdom of Polan.

She married Aisik Lotrowsky, a baker from Eger on 17th of March. The couple lived in Josephstreet 7 from the beginning of the 1930ies. Their first child Benjamin was born on 21st of January 1915 became a gardener and basketmaker. Anna, their second children was born on the 23rd of September 1920.

Aisik and Ida Lotrowsky lived apart from the mid-thirties.

Their son Benjamin was deported to the Concentration Camp in Sachsenhausen on 7th of December 1939 where he died on the 15th of Mai 1940.

From 1939 Ida Lotrowsky was forced to move in one of the so called Judenhäuser at the Nordstraße 11 (‘Jewhouses’  is a term from the national socialist everyday language that was used to describe houses of (former) jewish ownership, into which exclusively jews were forced to live.). She was deported to Riga on January the 21st 1942 . After the advance of the Red Army she was moved to the Concentration Camp Stutthof, where she was killd on the 25th of November 1944 being 54 Years old.