An administrative act

A parcel of land with the plot number 107 in Leipzig-Lindenau with one residential house and one outbuilding

1938 disapropriated in course of aryanisation



1991  retrotransfer to  heiress Amalia Schinagel, New York

Vacancy, no incomming of land tax

2006 compulsory demolition of the house due to ruinous state. The costs of the demolition are charched to the account of the owners.

2009 start of the compulsory auction process in favour of  the city of Leipzig, aiming to get back the receivables of  about 40.000€

2011 intermission of the compulsory auction

A letter

Amalia Schinagel, nee  Reiter, Survivor of the holocoaust, daughter of the deported and murdered Isidor Reiter, heiress of the Josepstr. 7 writes in September 1998 to the taxoffice of the city of Leipzig (original in german):

“When I came back from my office in october 1938, I and my father were waken up from the german police in Leipzig in the night at 3 o clock, ‘get dressed and come along’ these were the only german words, they spoke, and they marched us with nothing in our hands to the mainstation, first to the police department and like wild animals we were deported to poland under death threats […] and now you demand taxes from me and my nephews? Where is the justice?”

Leaving a gap for remembrance

The memorial space  provides an individual access to historical continuities, family biographies and personal reference. Possible perspectives are put on the constructed panels. We invite you to take part and get involved to an own perspective.